Tuesday, July 24, 2012

made it!

 So, I made it to Edmonton and am now on day 2 of my residency here at FAVA. Everyone here is amazing. super friendly, eager to engage and make things! The friendly and easy-goingness is something i've forgotten about Edmonton. Maybe its the long summer days - or maybe the long dark winters that remind people to enjoy - being here right NOW. Either way its nice to be 'home' and to be around people who like making and talking about art while still wanting to take the time to chat. i've missed that!

FAVA itself is in the Ortona Armoury - home of the Ortona Armoury Tenants Association - dedicated to artistic culture and community and the building itself is a fantastically inspiring space - originally built by The Hudson’s Bay Company in 1914 as a warehouse and brick stable for its delivery horses.

Over the weekend I was lucky to have the opportunity to head further north and stay in a lovely cabin at Miksau Retreat thanks to Aukje Kapteyn for allowing me to stay in the cabin and shoot on her amazing property. Also thanks to my Uncle Dale who helped me rent a drum kit for the shoot & also gave me my first drum lesson ever. I am now forever hooked and all i can think about is when i can play again! The project is still taking shape but (at least for now) titled waiting for time to repeat itself (at the end of the world) - i'm still figuring out what its about exactly but it has something to do with waiting...time...and disjointed image & sound relationships (images waiting for their sound to arrive).
 Passing time. Time passes. Repeat.

I'm prepping for an artist talk tomorrow night - come by if you're in town - i'll be walking through some recent installations as well as showing some recent film/video works.

wandering through secret storms and other works
A Screening & Artist Talk
Wendesday, July 25 | 7pm
FAVA's Exhibition Suite
FREE | Toonie Bar

come hang out and say hello!

I'm also going to start looking through the FAVA archives for a screening i'm curating next Wednesday - tell me about your work so i can look out for it in the archive. its huge & i won't have time to look through all the works in there!

It for now!

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