Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Party Prep

our projection group spent the evening in the Ortona Room & courtyard building screens and testing projectors for our film/video/slide/light extravaganza tomorrow night. Please do come by to FAVA's summer party to check out what we've been up to. for now a few in progress pics are below to give you a sense.

the fun begins tomorrow night at 7pm with a screening of s8 films in the exhibition suite then head downstairs to the Ortona room & courtyard for a performance by Smokey. Projections all night! BBQ & Drinks. Oh My!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darkroom fun!

Had a great day getting my hands dirty and cross-processing some colour 16mm with Patrick Arès-Pilon today. We were processing some colour negative Patrick shot up in the Rockies near Canmore using E6 colour positive chemistry. super fun! The film loops will make their debut this coming Friday at FAVA's summer party - come by and take a peak!  The festivities begin at 7pm with a screening of super 8 films followed by site-specific live projection performance (with Smokey, Christina Battle, Patrick Arès-Pilon, Benny Arkless, Adam Bentley, Mark Hill, Andres Mendoza,
Leanne Olson, John Osborne, Edmon Rotea, Janet Savill, and Victoria Zimski) at 9pm!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Collaborative Projections Meeting

We had a great workshop last night talking about projecting images in space and playing with light, lenses, mirrors and screens!

An action plan is slowing coming into focus for our multi-projection event at next week's FAVA summer party. Collaborating on the projections are: Patrick, Benny, Adam, Mark, Andres, Leanne, John, Edmon, Janet, Victoria & myself...stay tuned for more details!

Some artists whose work we talked about for inspiration:

- Ted Victoria's Lightbulb Projections another image of the projectors here (1974-2009) & Brine Shrimp (1996-2005)
Ryota Kuwakubo's The Tenth Sentiment (2010) 

- Sibyl Montague's Last Island (2009)
- Sarah Pucill's You Be Mother (1990)
- Silvi Simon's filmatruc à verres and another
- Tony Oursler's eyes (1996) & Zero & The Influence Machine (2000) & Broken (1990) & Insomnia (1996)

- more Silvi Simon (2002)
- Nam June Paik's Megatron/Matrix (1995)
- Barbara Kruger's Power Pleasure Desire Disgust (1997)
- Tony Hill's Floor Film (1975)

For our next meeting we'll be focussing on making and collecting imagery and doing some trials with screens in the Ortona Room.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Collaborative Projections begin Tomorrow Night!

*photos on the wall thanks to Patrick Arès Pilon!!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 'something strangely familiar' archive screening last week! A few artists were in attendance: Lindsay McIntyre (2 haunting works about place 'where no one knew her name' & 'barge dirge'); John Osborne (the psychedelic explosion of colour & shape 'Transformations'); Kyle Armstrong (the haunting collage 'Mental Notes from a Cluttered Mind); and Patrick Arès Pilon (a live film projector performance with Gerry Morita).

If you have never spent time in the FAVA archives I highly recommend it - there is a wealth of strong work just waiting to be watched!

Tomorrow night begins part one of a 2 (actually 3...possibly 4?) part workshop on the Art of Projection. We'l be collaborating on making projections for FAVA's summer party next week - along with a live musical performance by Smokey. Stay tuned for news on what we get up to and how things progress. And come by next Friday night to see it all in person!

In the meantime you should head over to the Metro Cinema tonight for part 2 of the Images Festival Cross Canada Tour - A Letter to the Living! Featuring a work & a Q&A by FAVA's own Lindsay McIntyre.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

something strangely familiar


something strangely familiar - a program of short film & videos from FAVA’s archives.
curated by Christina Battle - 7pm, August 2, 2012 – FAVA Exhibition Space

Where am I going? I don't quite know. 
What does it matter where people go? 
Down to the wood where the blue-bells grow --
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.  
[Spring Morning - A. A. Milne (from L.A. Trimova’s Paddock Pass)]

The Works:
where no one knew her name - Lindsay McIntyre – 2011 - 3mins
Paddock Pass - L.A. Trofimova - 1991  - 6mins
Bohunk Goes to Zion - Alex Viszmeg - 1986 - 12mins
Transformations  - John Osborne – 2007 - 2.30mins
Mental Notes From a Cluttered Mind - Kyle Armstrong - 10mins
Something Strangely Familiar - aAron Munson – 2012 - 3.22 mins
barge dirge – Lindsay McIntyre – 2010 - 7mins
Live Projector Performance - Patrick Arès-Pilon [dance: Gerry Morita; sound: Shawn Pinchback]- 7mins 
This is My City - Christopher Payne  - 2001 - 3mins
Travis Bretzer — The Mall - Evan Prosofsky – 2011 - 2.22  

[TRT approx 60mins] 

( Images from L to R: This is My City; Bohunk Goes to Zion)

Monday, July 30, 2012


hey everybody,
thanks so much to those members who came  out for my screening & talk last week! special thanks to Melissa, Aerlan, aAron, Andrew & Katrina who all helped with setup/tech and made the show possible.

i've been having a blast searching through the FAVA archives, starting to better familiarize myself with the literally thousands of works that have come thru the centre. Please come by the FAVA Exhibition space this coming Thursday, August 2 at 7pm for a short program of film & video works found during my investigations. Special thanks to aAron and Melissa for all their advice and work on helping to make this screening possible!

I'll be posting the final program soon so check back for more info!