Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Collaborative Projections Meeting

We had a great workshop last night talking about projecting images in space and playing with light, lenses, mirrors and screens!

An action plan is slowing coming into focus for our multi-projection event at next week's FAVA summer party. Collaborating on the projections are: Patrick, Benny, Adam, Mark, Andres, Leanne, John, Edmon, Janet, Victoria & myself...stay tuned for more details!

Some artists whose work we talked about for inspiration:

- Ted Victoria's Lightbulb Projections another image of the projectors here (1974-2009) & Brine Shrimp (1996-2005)
Ryota Kuwakubo's The Tenth Sentiment (2010) 

- Sibyl Montague's Last Island (2009)
- Sarah Pucill's You Be Mother (1990)
- Silvi Simon's filmatruc à verres and another
- Tony Oursler's eyes (1996) & Zero & The Influence Machine (2000) & Broken (1990) & Insomnia (1996)

- more Silvi Simon (2002)
- Nam June Paik's Megatron/Matrix (1995)
- Barbara Kruger's Power Pleasure Desire Disgust (1997)
- Tony Hill's Floor Film (1975)

For our next meeting we'll be focussing on making and collecting imagery and doing some trials with screens in the Ortona Room.

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