Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darkroom fun!

Had a great day getting my hands dirty and cross-processing some colour 16mm with Patrick Arès-Pilon today. We were processing some colour negative Patrick shot up in the Rockies near Canmore using E6 colour positive chemistry. super fun! The film loops will make their debut this coming Friday at FAVA's summer party - come by and take a peak!  The festivities begin at 7pm with a screening of super 8 films followed by site-specific live projection performance (with Smokey, Christina Battle, Patrick Arès-Pilon, Benny Arkless, Adam Bentley, Mark Hill, Andres Mendoza,
Leanne Olson, John Osborne, Edmon Rotea, Janet Savill, and Victoria Zimski) at 9pm!

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